16th Ohio Independent Battery of Artillery

We now have two books for sale from the 16th Ohio Battery,
with a third book in the process of being published.

14 Months in the Union Artillery - The Diary of Private Wallace Byrd
16th Ohio Battery, Sept. 1861 to Oct. 1862

Compiled and Edited by Larry Marple, 1998 and 2012

Private Wallace Byrd
Springfield, Ohio
Born September 3, 1840
Died October 24, 1862

I am a school teacher and everyone who is acquainted with me knows of my passion for history, especially the American Civil War.  While teaching in a small town in Ohio, I had a parent bring me a small, leather-bound book with 1862 and the name W. Byrd written on the cover in faded ink.  (This happened in the middle of class).  The parent permitted me to take the diary home and read it.  It is written in very legible pencil.  After a few days of inquiry, I finally bought the diary from the parent.  The more I thought about it, the more the idea took root to transcribe the diary word for word, research the family, unit, soldiers, and civilians, and publish the diary for all who would like to read it.  There are no graphic depictions of battles.  This diary is just the everyday life of one Union artilleryman and his friends and family.

Copies of the diary can be purchased.
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Contained within the book are copies of the photographs of many of the men who served in the 16th Ohio Battery who are mentioned in the diary and copies of some of the diary pages.  The book also contains a brief history and description of the Byrd family of Springfield, Ohio as well as a list and description of some of the civilians mentioned in the pages of the diary.  At the end of the book is a listing of the service of the 16th Ohio Battery along with descriptions of what happened to many of the soldiers mentioned in the diary.

Anthony Byrd Home - Wallace's boyhood home which stood on the north side of Route 40 to the east of Springfield, Ohio.